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New Hampshire ranked smartest state in the nation, study finds

A New England state has been ranked the smartest state in the nation, according to a new study.

Research by free online education platform Guru99 analyzed six different metrics: average IQ, graduation rates, percentage of the population with low literacy rates, average SAT scores, % of the states that don’t have a high school diploma or GED and GDP per capita and ranked New Hampshire as the smartest state in the nation.

When looking at the metrics, states were given a total score out of 60.

“New Hampshire is the smartest state in America, data shows that on average the state has the highest IQs across the country with 103.2,” the platform said. “The state also has the smallest % of the population with low literacy skills with 11.5%. New Hampshire also has one of the highest GDP per capita with $74,663.”

New Hampshire scored a 56.82.

Here are the top 10 smartest states in the nation:

  1. New Hampshire: 56.82

  2. Minnesota: 55.82

  3. Wyoming: 54.98

  4. Vermont: 54.91

  5. Montana: 54.64

  6. North Dakota: 54.38

  7. Maine: 53.83

  8. South Dakota: 52.61

  9. Wisconsin: 52.45

  10. Utah: 52.21

“America is home to many of the greatest educational institutions across the globe; as one of the world’s largest economies and powerhouses in industry and innovation, it’s pivotal that every generation continues to learn and develop, to progress the foundations that have already been built in the country,” said Krishna Rungta, Founder & CEO of Guru99.

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