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While Three 33 Properties has aggressively acquired assets in specific markets, it has adopted a 3 tiered model in order to deliver the most positive and profound long term impact to its communities . We refer to these tiers in no order of importance, Dominion, Domination and Long Term Vision.


a specific and geographically focused strategy to acquire groups of multi tenanted real estate assets in our target transit, highway, transportation, business, healthcare, and school oriented areas by street name in our core submarkets, within 20 square miles of our service depots where brokers, tradespeople and landlords know our team by first name.



executing on the acquisition of multiple multi-tenant real estate assets over a continuous period of time according to those same focused, specific geographic locations in highly desired, transit, school, healthcare, and business densely populated areas.

Our Team establishes a long-term business plan to create a more efficient marketplace and to raise awareness around our ability to improve the standard and quality of living for our customers - our tenants.


Long Term Vision

Three 33 has a very precise road map to take dominion and then dominate multifamily categories in very specific and focused geographies. We believe we can quickly disrupt our spaces by acquiring groups of smaller underserved value-added assets (where we have no competition) in our specific geographies.


We can then further refine and create efficiencies with economies of scale in each ecosystem, starting with one home at a time. The result of this, we believe can lead to established, geographically focused Three 33 warehouse silos to supply tradespeople; with raw materials such as but not limited to; carpentry, painting, plumbing electric, HVAC, and flooring.


Tradespeople are inherently mobile, and like most who need to travel, those who work close to where they live, have a quality of living advantage. Logistics and convenience will play a big role in the future, as those in trades do not always have the convenience of working "locally". Three 33 is committed to restoring a sense of dignity for anyone working in the trades and as much as we take pride in taking care of our tenants, we also take pride in taking care of all our contractors helping beautify our housing marketplaces.

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