Three 33 Properties acquires, develops and manages commercial and residential real estate assets in the Greater Boston Massachusetts area. The numeral "33" is derived by its principals to stand for our characteristics; hard work, good fortune and love.


The numeral “33” is derived by its principals to stand for our characteristics; hard work, good fortune, and love. The hallmark of our organization is that with hard work, luck and a commitment to a GOAL, anything is possible.

Three 33 Properties was established in 2013 when our co-founders Giannandrea Verri and Noah Hano met each other in a coffee bar. Giannandrea was looking to buy a large commercial building and he needed Noah’s wisdom to execute on the business plan. The two quickly realized they were a perfect fit, complementing each other as business people while sharing the same values.


Noah and Giannandrea were passionate about Real Estate, had dabbled in various Real Estate endeavors and were driven by a set of goals to succeed in life. Noah provided hands-on management to the operation while Giannandrea provided the capital. The two acquired 200 apartment units and a dozen single family homes from 2013 and sold many by 2018. Over the next two years, they acquired two brands Clean Pro and Home Squad and amalgamated them into Three 33 Services. In 2020, they realized they made a big mistake – they should have never opportunistically sold any of their original assets!


In hindsight, it was all 2020. As the pandemic weighed heavily on everyone, Noah and Giannandrea saw an opportunity to revamp, continue doing what they both loved and knew they were very good at – acquiring and developing multi-tenant Real Estate businesses.

Since August 2020, with the addition of Three 33 Services, the dynamic duo acquired 300 additional apartment units in the Greater Boston Area. The plan for the future is to continue acquisitions with the right opportunities leveraging each other’s talents and those of their team. They expect to double the portfolio size every year for the foreseeable future.

Noah and the Three 33 Services Team bring decades of experience as developers, operators, consultants, brokers and property managers to a wide range of commercial real estate investments. Our relationships within our focus markets are flourishing and continue to ensure a steady flow of off-market deals.


Three 33 continues to deliver performance through active asset management resulting in significant profits. We are creating value and equity every day. Three 33 achieves this by knowing the dynamics of its focus market and its product type. We understand what adds the most value to a property; structure debt, equity, and leases most favorable to the long term value of the property. We invest in Real Estate for the long term.

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Market-leading experience

Our Asset Managers have successfully sourced, redeveloped, rebranded, repositioned, marketed, and operated dozens of real estate projects for over 20 years.

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Ability to acquire assets on an off-market basis

Our Asset Managers have developed a deep and extensive industry network which combined with our reputation for execution, gives us access to off-market acquisitions and early access to on-market property opportunities.

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Excellent debt relationships with local, regional, and national lenders

Our Asset Managers have been successful working with leading national, regional, and local banks.

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Active asset management

Our group is composed of seasoned real estate professionals with deep experience managing a range of property types on a bricks-and-mortar level.

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Institutional fiduciary experience

Our Asset Managers have previously partnered with several institutional equity sources and have provided ongoing investment management services to them.


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