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Three 33 Properties acquires, develops and manages commercial real estate assets in Greater Boston Massachusetts area.

Three 33 Properties was established in 2013 when our co-founders Giannandrea Verri and Noah Hano met each other in a coffee bar. Giannandrea was looking to buy a large commercial building and he needed Noah’s wisdom to execute on the business plan. The two quickly realized they were a perfect fit, complementing each other as business people while sharing the same values.

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1. We set Real Estate acquisition goals in our focus areas and develop internal processes to achieve them.


2. We buy multi tenant Real Estate assets in transit oriented markets with high barriers to entry.  These assets benefit from our customized value added business plan which thrive in good and bad economic times.


3. We offer our mission to outside Investors and provide them opportunities to own parts of the equity ownership in our projects


4. We do all the hard work on behalf of the investment partnership, including but not necessarily limited to; market research, due diligence, acquisition, day-to-day, property management, maintenance, leasing, accounting, tax preparation, rent collection and reporting data to the owners.


5. We pay our investors and we grow together.


300+ Units of residential housing. AAA location (transit-oriented)

 We buy properties very close to major highways, hospitals, schools, and businesses.

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1. We believe investing in cash flowing real estate assets offers the best opportunities to preserve long term generational wealth improving our quality of life. 

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2. Our customers pay monthly rent to use our assets, our buildings, providing monthly cash flow, which pays expenses and provides profits to our investors.

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3. Lending Institutions lend us money to purchase valuable land, which is paid by our buildings and used by our customers to increase our profits.

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4. The government provides us a tax break based on wear and tear of our buildings and repairs, due to our customer’s use which further increases our revenues.

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5. As our profits increase and our expenses decrease, our assets can be further leveraged to acquire additional assets.

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6. Our operation overall increases in value every day, week, and month creating a rewardable experience for our investors and our Team supporting them. 

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